Good evening CommuNity,

We’re here to take a look at the latest PlayNity news! Meanwhile PlayNity The Genesis NFTs are approaching Terra to have their big launch on the 5th, let’s take a step back and remind ourselves what has been going on at PlayNity in the last couple of days. Let’s go!

To start off, we established yet another great Play To Earn partnership last week. This time, we’re partnering up with no other than Breeder DAO – the Factory of Metaverse. It’s a very special project that we’ve gotten interested in as we stay behind the rule – quality over quantity, especially when it comes to Play To Earn gaming. Breeder DAO specializes in manufacturing high-quality digital assets to be used in all kinds of different NFT games, and has a clear vision of becoming the go-to asset factory in the whole Metaverse!

Next up, a lot of NFT-related giveaways have been showing up on our feed giving you a chance to win the last available Whitelist slots to mint PlayNity The Genesis NFTs. Just to remind you, the launch is on the 5th of May starting with a presale at 3 pm UTC followed by the public sale at 5 pm UTC. To mint yourself an NFT and benefit from all its utilities, visit the MintDao app:

Take a look at the most important details of the launch:

Launch Date

Presale: 5th May, 3 pm UTC

Public Sale: 5th May, 5 pm UTC

Mint Price

Presale Price: 1.3 $LUNA

Public Sale Price: 1.5 $LUNA

*What’s worth remembering, if you got a WL slot through the PEX system on the BSC app, make sure to connect your Terra wallet to be able to mint your NFT in the presale

The PlayNity PRO team is constantly growing, and our Axie players are one of the best ones out there! We’re proud to say that our PRO players are regularly showing up on the Axie leaderboard and one of the members – Gabi has started off the season 21 in Axie reaching the very first place in the ranking!

Besides Axie Infinity, our players are currently playing Thetan Arena, Pegaxy, Ninneko, and CyBall. We’re excited to share that the number of our scholars and owned NFTs is constantly growing e.g. we have over 500 Pegaxy NFTs at this point! We’re currently reviewing more games to add to our scope, we’re in the process of making new investments, acquiring new NFTs, and waiting for the releases of new promising games.

Talking about the games we play, it’s important to mention that PlayNity will be partaking in the May Mayhem Gala tournament by playing the Town Star game. It’s a global Play To Earn event where the prize pool is 4 million dollars! If you would like to know more about this event and/or apply to join it, check out the links below:

Last but not least, we’ve recently announced the start of the new season of the $PLY Buy and Burn event. This time, we will burn a similar amount of $PLY as in mid-Feb to mid-March. The event will last until the 17th of May!

PlayNity Academy, the upcoming Lands’ Game, and more amazing opportunities are still ahead of us! Make sure to follow our socials to not miss out on anything, and remember about the PlayNity The Genesis launch that is just around the corner!

Have a good week, CommuNity!