➡️Honest, trustworthy and hard-working people that are actively participating and engaging with our PlayNity discord chat, social media, etc.
➡️People that won’t cheat or try to game the system for their personal benefits.
➡️People who will appreciate the opportunity, respect our team and the rest of the community.
➡️People whose lives will be significantly impacted by the newfound income.
➡️Content creators that will share their Thetan Arena journey on PlayNity for additional rewards.

➡️No multi-accounting or participating in other scholarships, as this will result in an immediate ban and forfeiting of any gTHC earned.
➡️No bots or any kind of automation software allowed.
➡️Minimum 50% win rate after the first 2 weeks of the trial period.Failure to meet the quota will result in a reduction of the scholar percentage, while continuous failure to meet the daily quota will result in a lifetime ban from the program.
➡️Scholars will be paid out in gTHC and they must have their own Metamast BSC chain wallet.
➡️Payouts will be monthly by default.
➡️Hitting under 50% win rate for over 1 weeks, will result in a warning while 3 Warnings will result in expulsion from the program.
➡️Inactivity longer than seven (7) days, will result in termination of the scholarship program.
➡️Every new scholar will start off with a 30/70 split – 70% PlayNity/ 30% scholar split of gTHC earnings.
➡️Each shollar starts with 2-3 rare/epic heroes. After 1-2 weeks of your trial period you will be asked to provide screenshots of your heroes for the purpose of calculating your personal win % ratio.
➡️After proving themselves as good scholars and valuable members of the PlayNity community and having over 60% win rate. Each scholar will receive up to 3 legendary heroes.
➡️Our best scholars will be able to apply for trainer positions where their cut will be significantly increased. Moreover they will receive additional % from each scholar they are training.
➡️Must have a Discord account.
➡️Must have knowledge of the game.
➡️Must comply with Thetan Arena terms and conditions.

➡️Be a valuable and active member of our community.
➡️Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.
➡️Retweet our official Tweets and Facebook news to help us spread the message.
➡️Make your own Tweets about our community.
➡️Help our new Discord members with any questions they might have.
➡️Create Thetan Arena or PlayNity related content and post it in our community section.
➡️Learn about the game and present this knowledge in your application.
➡️Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Dear Applicant, please be informed that at the moment we only accept players who already played Thetan Arena. In the later step you will be asked to provide your personal in-game ID. Therefore if you have never played Thetan Arena, please download the game from https://thetanarena.com/ , create account and show us how good you are!

Moreover, for all our scholars it is mandatory to join our Discord.gg/PlayNity , we will contant the chosen one only via Discord Direct Message.

If you accept the above, please send the form to start verification process for THETAN ARENA scholarship: