Hello CommuNity,

What a week! It’s nice to be here again and present you with the latest and greatest PlayNity updates! As always, we’ll take a closer look at the recent announcements and the newly developed plans for the near future. Welcome to the Weekly Report!

A new page featuring PlayNity Academy has been implemented onto our website! We recommend giving it a look, at keeping it under your bookmarks panel, as it will be updated accordingly to the freshest news about this exciting project! Here’s the link: https://playnity.io/academy

Next up, not one but two great Play To Earn partnerships have been announced! This time, we were lucky to let you know that our Guild is partnering up with Derby Stars – a very popular NFT game on Terra blockchain, and Kitsumon – the newest Play To Earn project from the Polygon network.

The AMAs don’t end, we’re on a roll, CommuNity! Last week we talked with the Ninneko game about new interesting opportunities for our guild and its players, and also we had an interesting chat with the GT capital team about our latest upgrades since December’s launch and future plans. In case you missed any of the two, head to the links below:

AMA with Ninneko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHu_O6-6Pro

AMA with GT Capital: https://twitter.com/gtcapital_/status/1516782108588777474

If we had to choose one of last week’s announcements, the most important would definitely be revealing the details of PlayNity The Genesis NFT collection launch. With a little help from our partners, we’ve shown you all the important info, and provided you with new opportunities to get the last available Whitelist slots! Take a look below at all the revealed details and some of the cool graphics used for the posts. Huge thank you to all our partners for supporting this event!

Launch Date

Presale: 5th May, 3 pm UTC

Public Sale: 5th May, 5 pm UTC

Mint Price

Presale Price: 1.3 $LUNA

Public Sale Price: 1.5 $LUNA

Only 20 of the rarest Mythic NFTs

Maximum 5 NFTs mint per wallet

An extra utility added – Early access to PlayNity Academy

We’re proud to say that we’ve just reached 25k Twitter followers! We would like to thank all of you players, investors, and Play And Earn enthusiasts for sharing this journey with us. There are a lot of new exciting projects to be introduced in the upcoming months and we’re more than happy to be able to share them with you! Our CommuNity is amazing and it’s only getting stronger!

Last but not least for today’s news, we’re excited to share that the $PLY fire is back, CommuNity! Another $PLY buy and burn event has just been introduced. A similar amount of $PLY tokens as in mid-Feb to mid-March will be gone with smoke until the 17th of May. Follow us for more info about the event’s progress!

We’ve arrived at the end of today’s report. We wish you a great week ahead filled with new exciting Play To Earn opportunities and remember to catch up with us next week.