Hey CommuNity!

Another week has passed and it’s time to sum up the latest updates! Today, we have some interesting info to share, not only about the past week’s developments but also about the future plans. So, as usual, grab a coffee, and make yourself comfortable because it’s time for the Weekly Report.

PlayNity’s youtube channel has been running since the very beginning of our journey presenting videos explaining the basics of our project, and the Play To Earn trend mechanics. Then, we extended our scope to game reviews in the form of PlayNity’s P2E Game Scans, and because we’ve seen that you enjoy watching them, we’ll be having more coming up on this channel soon. The videos will feature more exclusive content such as crypto interviews. If you’re not yet subscribed, here’s the link to help you do so:


Talking about game reviews and new videos that may be coming up soon to our youtube, we’ve recently prepared a new P2E Game Scans episode showcasing the CyBall game. CyBall is a new NFT-based, and football-themed turn game powered by BSC. Here’s the link to the Game Scans, if you’re interested in learning more about it:

PlayNity The Genesis NFTs’ release is just around the corner, so we decided to gather all the available info about them in one place and provide you with an overview article about this upcoming NFT collection. If you’re curious about the idea behind it, the design, or the utilities, make sure to take a look at the article below:

Last but not least, last week we published a new PlayNity Treasury Report for Q1 2022. We summarized all of what’s happened since our launch and provided you with a description of our latest activities. Even though the crypto market is prone to sudden changes, PlayNity still manages to find great investment opportunities to provide its CommuNity with. Take a look for yourself:

PlayNity PRO is growing stronger, we’re revealing more and more new skilled recruits, and we’re proud to be having such an amazing team of PRO players with us. Because we’re so happy about it, we’ll be preparing more activities engaging our TOP players, as well as our precious CommuNity.

We’re busy at work developing our brand new project called PlayNity Academy. It will be an e-learning platform designed to cater to the needs of future Play To Earn gamers and/or crypto investors. We aim to let you explore the P2E world and learn from the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field. More info will be shared in the next few weeks. 

PlayNity Lands Game is another great project we’re hyped about! A game that surpasses the challenges of the current Play To Earn economies while bringing a lot of fun gaming experiences is something we’ve been thinking about since the beginning of our project’s development. However, now we’ve found the time to really put some work into creating and developing something great. Make sure to follow our social media to be up to date with the details of the development process.

We have a few aces up our sleeve for the future of the dedicated $PLY stakers! One of them is the upcoming new season of the PEX points system that will be introduced soon bringing a new set of rewards! Join the race and keep your eyes open, CommuNity!

Next week we’ll be promoting our PlayNity The Genesis NFT collection via a special social event! We can’t reveal more details at this point but we’re sure you’re going to like it!

Soon, on 21.04.2022, we’re holding an AMA with GT Capital in which we’ll be talking about all that has happened since PlayNity’s launch in December. It will be an interesting conversation as there’s definitely a lot to catch up on! What’s more, there’ll be a special Giveaway for active listeners, so tune in and ask some questions!

To finish our Weekly Report, we’d like to appreciate our CommuNity for such an amazing engagement in the past week’s activities. Thank you and we wish you a great week ahead!