11th April 2022

Weeks are passing by and PlayNity is still going strong with the newest updates! Last week we showed you some of our big plans for the future, and in the upcoming weeks we’ll be sharing more details about these innovative projects. So stay tuned, CommuNity, and now, let’s jump into the latest and juiciest announcements!

Lately we’ve been scouting some of the greatest and strongest Play To Earn players to join our freshly established PlayNity PRO team. Last Friday, we began a series of announcements in which we’ll be welcoming the newest members of the team and showing them to our CommuNity. Also, as any great team needs a great leader, our streamer and colleague @gugusaxie decided to take up the challenge and lead the team on its path to great success!

Check out these posts here:

We also announced a partnership with the first playable AAA Play To Earn game called Delysium. It’s a project that was created while having Play To Earn players in mind, and we believe it’s going to be a big hit in blockchain gaming. Make sure to check it out, if you haven’t already!

Next up, last week we also held a Giveaway specially suited to our CommuNity’s needs! We’ve seen you really liked the NFTs of the Ninneko game, so we provided you with an opportunity to win a Ninneko and start playing your way to earning rewards in this game. Congrats, once again, to the lucky winner and future NFT gamer!

PlayNity’s partnership with CyBall is getting stronger and we wanted to introduce both of our communities to our cooperation and let you both dig deeper into Play To Earn guild’s role and into CyBall NFT gaming. On that occasion, today, we had an AMA session together on PlayNity’s discord channel. If you liked it and are interested in more AMAs with our partners, make sure to let us know in the comments! Also, if NFT based football is something that you’re keen on, follow our medium channel as the new Game Scans episode will showcase nothing other than the CyBall game!

Even though the PlayNity PRO team is getting stronger everyday, we still need more players to join our ranks! If you feel like this is a challenge you’d like to take up, don’t waste any time and DM our PlayNity PRO leader @gugusaxie. Our mission is to gather the best of the best  Play To Earn players, as we see a bright future for Esports, and we want to amaze you with what we plan to deliver!

As you know, the MintDao robots are working hard on our upcoming PlayNity The Genesis NFT collection as we want to deliver NFTs with maximum quality! Soon, we will announce some very special social tasks for you that will provide a couple of extra Whitelist slots to win… So, make sure to keep your eyes open, CommuNity! In the meantime, take a look at our new twitter banner featuring some fresh looking PlayNity NFts!

On 12th of April, we have another AMA session coming up! This time we’ll be talking about PlayNity’s partnership with the Ninneko game on Ninneko’s telegram channel. Tune in to hear more about the opportunities that this collab will bring!

Two of our upcoming big projects – PlayNity Academy and PlayNity PRO are constantly on our mind and we can’t wait to introduce you to them both! Hence, we will soon have their place on our website, where you’ll be able to learn more details about them. Stay tuned for more info as we will announce it on our social media channels once ready!

That’s it for today, CommuNity! We hope you enjoyed reading about the latest news and, as the holidays are just around the corner, the whole PlayNity team wishes you good times with your friends and families.

Happy Easter and Remember to Play your way to earn!