4th April 2022

Evening, CommuNity!

As per usual, we’ve gathered the latest news and we’re here to serve them to you in brief so that everyone is kept in the loop on the newest PlayNity upgrades. Let’s get down to business then!

Once again, we kick-started the week with info about the view of great numbers waiting for our PEX point collectors in the app. $PLY stakers that have reached the Immortal level can get Diamond PEX point bonus which comes with both 19% from Anchor Protocol and a given APY percentage for $PLY

Next, we announced a partnership with Terrnado Cash – the first anonymous protocol for private transactions on Terra. We’re always there to support innovation and we were happy to discover that there’s a thing that we have in common with this project – our guild was also the first one on Terra. Keep up the good job guys!

And that’s not it for the new collabs! PlayNity is also joining forces with a well-known Play To Earn game called Ninneko! We’re sure you’ve already heard about this amazingly popular NFT based project where players fight with Ninja Cats in order to earn, and have fun at the same time. It’s definitely worth checking out!

To engage our community and make sure they’re appreciated as should be, in the past week we held not one but two giveaways with rewards in the form of Pegaxy NFTs, Whitelist slots for PlayNity The Genesis, and $MINT tokens. Big congrats to the lucky winners, enjoy!

We have also shared with you the exact numbers for our upcoming PlayNity The Genesis NFT collection. Make sure to check out all the amazing benefits that come with owning our NFT:


For those who are collecting PEX points on BSC, we have some good news. Staking rewards has been activated and now you can stake your $PLY tokens with a higher APY!


We’re super proud to say that the PlayNity PRO team is gaining power everyday! If you didn’t get the memo, PlayNity PRO is the next great project on our list! We’re scouting promising P2E players that show great potential to join our newly created PlayNity PRO team and represent us in tournaments, and Esport events. We have really exciting plans to share with you regarding the team of PROs, so make sure to keep an eye on our twitter channel!

PlayNity, next to MintDao, RoboHero, and Luart, is also a part of Multiplanetary Farming event created by StarTerra platform. In celebration, over a 26 week period, $STT token stakers will be able to claim $PLY tokens as an airdrop! If you’re not familiar yet with the idea of Multiplanetary Farming, we recommend diving into it here:

We’ve just shared with you the great PlayNity future plans that we’ve been keeping a secret for quite some time now! We’re proud to finally be able to show you our work and all the amazing things coming in the near future. Just take a look at the graphic below!

We’re thrilled to be able to share with you the news about one of the exciting new projects we’ve been working on for the past few months – PlayNity Academy. So if you’re keen on exclusive P2E info, crypto trends, and the best ways to Play And Earn, this is something for you! What’s more, early access for the Academy will be available soon for the ones who hodl $PLY, and earn PEX points.

That’s it for today’s weekly report and we hope you enjoyed the news and that we leave you as excited as we are for the upcoming events. We recommend following our social media channels to always be up to date!

Have a great week, CommuNity!