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We’re here again to provide you with another News Report! Grab a snack, find a cozy place to sit, and get ready to uncover the latest PlayNity updates!

One of the hottest news of this week has been the big presale of first ever $SDT allocations happening 6-20th of September! Starting from yesterday, you have two weeks to use your gathered PEX points or $PLY tokens to buy the SkyNity tokens at a better price. Join the event and become one of the first investors in the SkyNity game!

Take a look below to learn the details of the two available options:


In the first option, you can buy $SDT for $USD for the price of 0.036 $USD.

The maximum amount of dollars you can spend equals the number of PEX points you have gathered.

E.g., if you have 1000 PEX, you can buy $SDT for 1000 $USD.


The second option is to buy $SDT with the $PLY tokens.

2 $PLY = 1 $SDT

The maximum amount you will be able to buy is the number of PEX points times 50.

E.g., if you have 100 PEX you can buy 100 x 50 = 5000 $SDT.

You can also find all this info in the Twitter thread below:

To remind you: max supply for this presale is 8mln of $SDT.

$SDT prices👇

💰 Seed presale: 0.03$
💰 $PLY investors (half seed/private) presale: 0.036$
💰 Private presale: 0.04$
💰 Public presale: 0.05$

Probably most of us experienced burnout at some point in our lives. If you want to know the hacks on how to protect yourself from having those feelings and how to keep on having a positive approach, make sure to check the recent #Playfulness post on our Instagram! Next week, we’ll uncover more details about those helpful strategies!

The SkyNity project is growing and every week we’re revealing more details about the gameplay, tokenomics, NFTs, Lore, and more! Lately, we have shown you the SkyNity map and the units which will make up your formidable armies in the game. Go to the links below, check what you’ve missed, and start preparing the winning strategy!

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In the upcoming weeks, we’ll have more and more developments happening at SkyNity, and we’re excited to share them with our awesome CommuNity! For today, we’re finishing here and inviting you to join us on this journey to creating a fantastic community of Skylanders who not only want to try their hand at blockchain gaming but also experience supreme rivalry-based gameplay. 

Wishing you a great week!

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