21st of June 2022

Hi CommuNity! Welcome to another Bi-Weekly Report. As always, we prepared a quick summing-up of the most recent PlayNity updates. So, make yourself comfortable and get ready for the news!

If you have questions, our devs will have answers! Last week, we announced that we’re gathering questions from the CommuNity for an AMA with our developers.

If you haven’t already, feel free to write your question about e.g. PEX points, NFTs, or project development on our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/vUSy2B9d3B

Do you believe in the potential of blockchain gaming? So do we! That’s why we partnered up with Elympics – a platform offering full packages for web3 game developers. Make sure to check their website and the innovative solutions for blockchain games that they have to offer.

And if you would like to join the community of blockchain developers, check out the event above prepared by Elympics which is happening on the 22-25th of June. During this event, wannabe developers will get a chance to launch their own blockchain game and win amazing prizes!

How to deal with extreme emotions such as fear and stress caused by the bear market? Learn from our experts in psychology – Adrian and Klaudia who have recently started a new educational series called Playfulness which is featured on PlayNity’s Instagram.

Follow us there to make sure not to miss any of this amazing new content! https://www.instagram.com/play_nity/

Next up, the previously announced AMA with StarHeroes was postponed. We know it was highly anticipated and we hope to come back to you soon with a new date for this meeting!

Talented 3D Animators wanted! If you would like to help us enrich our content with your appealing animations, apply at [email protected]

It’s time to join PlayNity and start a career in crypto!

Passion, positivity, and love for blockchain gaming – this is what we’re made of here at PlayNity! Check out our newest series honoring some of our best Scholars who make our Guild really stand out from others. They will share a little insight on how it is to be a Scholar at Playnity, what they are passionate about, and what are the most enjoyable Play To Earn games.

Sinjasan is the first Scholar featured in this series. Check out the article about him in the link below:

That’s it for this edition of Why $PLY! If you’ve enjoyed reading the news and are excited to see more of what our Guild’s capable of, make sure to click on the links below!

Until next time, CommuNity!