5th of July 2022

Hey CommuNity, welcome to another edition of Bi-Weekly Report! This is a PlayNity newsletter created just for you, in which we’re showing the most recent updates that you might have missed! Continue reading to know it all…

Last week, we were guests on StarHeroes’ twitter spaces! Our colleague Larissa tuned in to ask the team of this upcoming Play And Earn game about their tokenomics, NFTs, and more! If you missed the event, you can check the recording in the link below. And, if you’d like to know more about this collaboration, stay tuned for another social events coming soon!


Next up, moving PEX points from Terra Classic has been enabled! You can now connect any EVM compatible wallet with your Terra wallet in PlayNity app: https://t.co/idfwSgppxR. More info in the picture above!

Also, the ‘Scholar talks’ series continues! Last week, we were able to learn more about the recently picked PlayNity moderator from Lebanon – Liquidator. Check the article below if you’re interested in getting to know our scholars who stand behind the success of PlayNity guild. More articles are coming soon!

Last week, we also showed you some sneak peeks of the future PlayNity Academy’s designs, as well as some hot information on what topics of educational materials you will be able to find there. So, if you’re keen on learning how to earn on blockchain gaming directly from the pros, that’s a project for you! We’re getting ready for the school season, how about you? Check the latest Academy posts below:

We’re still working hard on our objectives and to prove that we’ve shown you two important news: the updated roadmap, and the quarterly report. In the graphic above, you can check the PlayNity developments coming in the second half of 2022. Introducing PlayNity Lands’ game, developing the Academy, and multi chain expansion – that’s only the beginning of what’s to come next! And, if you’d like to dig deeper into what happened in the first half of this year, make sure to check the quarterly report in the link below!

And, that’s it for this edition! We’re glad to be sharing with you all the news, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s article. To know more about us, check the links below and follow us!

Until the next one, CommuNity!