14th March 2022

This week has been extremely busy for our team, mainly because of the Cryptocurrency World Expo happening in Warsaw on 9–10th March. At the same time, we had a lot of new developments to share with our CommuNity! So now, let’s take a few minutes to do a quick catch-up for everyone that hasn’t been up to date with this week’s news!


We’ve started the week on a good note by activating the rewards from our PEX system on the Terra app. Everyone who has unlocked $PLY staking multiplier rewards is now able to claim their prize and stake $PLY at a higher APY! For everyone who has reached at least level 7 in our PEX system, the stablecoin staking is now also active. Go to the Terra app and check for yourself!


Next up, on the 8th of March we’ve shared another big news with you — $PLY is now also listed on Ethereum! If you’ve missed this announcement, check out this tweet with $PLY smart contract address and info on where to trade it:

We’re currently working on implementing this development in our PlayNity app. Once ready, we’ll announce it on our social media channels!

Then, on 9–10th of March, our team met for the Crypto Expo in Warsaw. We had a good time there meeting with our CommuNity and talking about crypto and the PlayNity project. It was a pleasure to meet all of you! In case you weren’t able to attend the event, stay tuned for an article summarizing this event coming up tomorrow on our medium channel.


Our Experience Reward System has been up and running for quite some time now and we’re really amazed by how it has been received by our CommuNity so far! A lot of you are already in the race for PEX points and to make things easier for you, we’ve prepared a youtube video tutorial on how to use the system:

If you’re not yet registered, go to the links below in order to join the PEX system and earn more with us:

Terra: terra.playnity.io/pex

BSC: bsc.playnity.io/pex

Yesterday, we published a new episode of P2E Game Scans in which we’re sharing more details about our partner — RoboHero game. This is a great Play to Earn project to look into for everyone interested in the topic and we’ve provided you with a video and an article in which we present the gameplay and the economic details of this project for our CommuNity.


We hope you didn’t forget about our upcoming NFT collection! PlayNity The Genesis is already on its way, and we’ll be sharing the project’s roadmap very soon. Let’s spill some tea by saying that the rarer your NFTs are, the more benefits you’ll have! Stay tuned for more info in the upcoming roadmap. 

Finishing off this week’s report, we want to say thank you to our CommuNity! Thanks to your engagement, we’re coming up with more and more developments as we’re here to make it easier and more profitable for everyone in our P2E ecosystem. Check out the links below, make sure to follow our social media channels, and share your thoughts!

Have a good week, CommuNity!

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