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Why $PLY you may ask? We’re here to make the answer simple. As a multichain Play To Earn gaming guild, PlayNity is constantly looking for new opportunities coming up in the crypto space. Today, let’s take a look at our recent activities and let’s give you a little heads-up on what’s still to come!

Last week, we announced some important information for $PLY holders on Terra. Because of the current situation, we decided to release the 3 months lock on LP staking, so that you can easily transfer liquidity to BSC in order not to be dependent on $UST anymore. Also, the 5 days unbonding time for Liquid LP staking has been removed too.

Check the entire announcement here:

Do you have some questions about the Academy? Gugus will have the answers. Make sure to check our newest video with PlayNity Academy Q&A that we published on PlayNity’s YouTube channel. If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate and ask in the comments!

What is PlayNity Academy? Q&A with Gugus:


Next up, an article titled ‘The future of PlayNity The Genesis NFTs’ was published last week to guide you through the whole creation process of our first NFT collection. We covered a lot of topics in this article, from the idea behind the design of these NFTs to explaining their rarities and benefits, finishing with a little Q&A session to sum it all up. Make sure to give it a read if you’re one of The Genesis NFTs’ hodlers:

Talking about NFTs, there’s still a chance to get one! Right now, the NFTs belonging to The Genesis collection are listed on two secondary marketplaces — OnePlanet and Randomearth. Check out yesterday’s tweet:


We’re also working on adding new rewards to our PEX points system. There will be as many as 4 levels added to the top of the list, bringing 4 more rewards for the PEX points’ collectors. Stay tuned to know what the new rewards will be!

Moving on, PlayNity was the first Games’ Guild to receive access to the alpha version of The Delysium game(https://twitter.com/The_Delysium). Our managers are currently testing the game and giving feedback to its authors. We hope that our scholars will also be able to give it a try soon!

The ideas are flowing, and soon we will introduce more community engaging activities. We don’t want to spill the tea just yet, but make sure to keep an eye on our socials! Also, more educational content is coming soon, not only via the PlayNity Academy, but also in a condensed form of posts and infographics spreading awareness about the different details of our project. All that to make you know PlayNity even better!

And that’s it for today! Thank you all for reading the news, and make sure to check the links below and follow us to always be up to date.

Have a good week, CommuNity!